Monday, December 22, 2008

The Empty Chair

In a small group, an empty chair is a symbol of openness to the possibility of a new member. It can also mean that the group is “holding space” for an absent member.

There is something too about the picture of the empty chair… in a place of incredible beauty… that draws me in… and says… "Come, sit here. Be at home. Rest."

Yesterday, the girls and I had some friends over for brunch at the beach. It was a photo-perfect day of California blue sky sunshine. After everyone left and the dishes were done, I rested in this chair for a bit and simply breathed in the joyful feeling of the moment. The joy of good friends, family, and food. The joy of a brief pause in the midst of all the chaos of life. The joy of creation.

May you find peace and joy in your heart today.