Saturday, December 13, 2008

If it’s Working For You… Keep it.

People find me when they want change. When something isn't working. They've tried perhaps, and found that change is hard work. If it wasn’t, they would have changed long ago.

I also find that while we say we want change, there is something about the way things are that serves us. Again, if there wasn't, we would have changed long ago.

Change requires conquering the gravitational pull of "same". Change often comes when we aren't looking, or when everyone around us has stopped telling us to change. It comes when we feel safe enough to embrace what it is we really want and open ourselves up to the possibility that it might really be achievable... that we have the competence, the capacity, the autonomy and the guts frankly, for change to happen.

A friend recently sent me this 60-second video clip. It didn’t surprise me that he did... because he is one of those guys who embraces change and what it means to make the world a better place. I hope it will inspire you to ponder what it is that you are striving for in this world. What is the ultimate difference you will make for having consumed more than your fair share of the resources of our planet?

By the way… defining the difference you want is called VISION. So, a simpler question might be… “What is your vision?”