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Sunday, December 28, 2008

What would Vince say?

A friend is stepping up to the principal position at a school where she has taught for many years. She’s acutely aware of the wide assortment of dysfunctional and unproductive behaviors in the team and is anxious to jump in.

In a note, she said, “I’ve been thinking, I need Vince to come give an in-service and start the ball rolling in the right direction. Then I remember that I have been to the school of Vince and I have already started the ball rolling.”

Tough for business, but how cool is that?

I’ve talked before about the “LA Times Test”… as in… “Would you want the thing you’re about to do published on the front page?” Now, we’ve got the “Vince Test”… as in… “What would be the next step in moving us to a more authentic and clean relationship?”

I can live with that.