Thursday, July 30, 2009

Letting Go

I have this great poem called “Transitions” that talks about how the trapezist must let go of the one trapeze in order to grab onto the next. And, in between, there is a moment where they are holding onto neither but instead flying through air. It’s the same in rock climbing. Often, you have to let go of one hand or foothold and commit to the forward movement in order to reach the next. There’s also the story of the Spanish Explorer who burnt the ships in the harbor once they reached the new world. There was no going back… only forward.

What is it about letting go?

Letting go of long held beliefs or desires. Vigorously staked out positions on an issue. Letting go of what we wanted it to be and embracing what is. I think it is about grieving what isn’t, or hasn’t, or didn’t, or couldn’t. It’s not about fixing a blame or needing to be right… I think it’s about accepting what is and choosing the next step. Because, in the end, every step we take is a choice. And, that choice can be driven by the past or the things we haven’t yet let go of, or it can be driven by the present, and the maturity in which we live in this moment.

A bit esoteric today. Just spent a couple hours surfing with my best friend from college. Reflecting on a 30-year friendship is cool.

So, what do you want to let go of, or accept?