Wednesday, September 7, 2011

What if you do nothing?

She had laid out her whole story... all the background data, her assessment of the issues and how she perceives them , how her emotions are in play, and she was beginning to develop some options for moving forward.

And then, one of the other forum members asked, "What if you do nothing?"

Ha! Talk about stopping a train on a dime. Quiet filled the room.

"Well, it might just work itself out. We're doing a lot of the right things. Maybe it is just time..."

Sometimes when we get caught up in being "action-oriented" people we forget that "doing nothing" is a viable option. And, at the very least, reflecting on where the "doing nothing trail" might lead is an effective way to become an observer of my own life. It lifts me out of my desire for action, and helps me take stock from a different perspective.

And, doing nothing is sometimes the very best thing to do.