Thursday, October 9, 2014

What's Next?

Three young adult leaders of the Syrian Armenian YMCA in Yerevan were at a forum last week and we were able to meet up for a few minutes.  Amidst all of their current challenges and opportunities they have found the YMCA to be the place for their self-expression and contribution.  The three leaders were from three different political parties in Syria and would never have associated had it not been for their displacement and unified desire to support their Syrian community.  What they discovered was they had more to bring them together than to keep them apart.  While facing significant challenges in their current situation, we talked and began to break things down.  We addressed some fears.  We talked about what they were wanting.  As we progressed, I could sense a calming and a resolve to action. 
It occurs to me that this is how change comes about.  When challenged, we can hunker down and protect ourselves and likely not change or grow as we focus on simply surviving.  Another way is to face the challenge, honor our fears, and dig into our deeper desires.  From there, a clarity emerges that ultimately drives and motivates our forward action.
So, it's not so much a single question as it is following a path of exploration and inquiry.  What's going on?  What are you wanting?  What's blocking you?  How are your fears playing in the situation?  What is it you really want?  What might you do to get that?  What's next?
I love what I get to do.