About Vince

People describe me as warm, engaging, loyal, authentic, and open.  I connect well with those seeking personal growth, finding their "edge," or aligning with their core sense of purpose.  My style welcomes and challenges, in order to create a safe environment where anyone might grow.  I’m also a bit playful, and believe that recreational pursuits are often gateways to deeper understanding. 
As an entrepreneurial leader in the social sector, I enjoyed bringing diverse people together to accomplish significant goals.  I’ve been a successful CEO with hundreds of employees and also on the senior management team riding herd over 20 million members at 2,500 locations with $4 Billion in revenues.  Authoring a number of leadership-oriented resource books has integrated into my work with executive forums and professional associations in North America, Europe, Australia, Africa, and the Middle East.
In addition to resources I have produced, my approach brings tools and frameworks from the top thought leaders in the field of authentic relationships, leadership development, and clean communication.  Inspiration comes from Patrick Lencioni, Kate Ludeman, Gaye Hendricks, Richard Rohr, Jim Warner, Kaley Warner Klemp, Seth Goden, the Heath Brothers, Carl Jung, and many others.  My practice today is focused on guiding transformational change for individuals, couples, leadership teams, and forums. 

On the personal side, I was married for twenty-five years and my two daughters are well-launched.  After a journey of the soul that followed our divorce I came out gay and entered into a six-year relationship.  I am now single splitting time between homes in the desert and the high country of Colorado.  I love a good mogul run or a longboard surf session plus most other outdoor sports, international travel, a stimulating conversation with a creative meal, and a nice glass of wine at sunset.  Let's connect!
Contact information:
Vince Corsaro, Palm Springs, California, and Silverthorne, Colorado